Does Ryan Kesler Want Out Of Vancouver?

I am wondering how true the reports of Kesler requesting a trade are.

Ryan Kesler has been a main stay down the middle of the ice in Vancouver since 2003. Almost every year Ryan has shown improvement and the desire to win in Vancouver and his apparent decision to leave was almost unfathomable three years ago. The loss in the Stanley Cup finals really seems to have wounded the Canucks plyers psyche deeply. Remember how lights out Kesler was against the Preditors during that run so you can only imagine how pained Kesler was with that loss. He took it personally for sure!

What seems like out of the blue, last year reports after the Olympics stated Kesler wanted out of Vancouver. I can’t believe that the reporters are inaccurate in their reporting but I wonder where everything went wrong. I know the addition of Torts as the GM caused a rift with management but with the changes I would have thought Kesler would give the Canucks a chance to correct the errors of the past.

I am not sure trading Kesler is the right move to make. That being said, if he wants out, then we must do everything in our power to move him quickly. We do not want another circus around this team for yet another year.

Hopefully the reports that Kesler wants out is false, but if not, the Canuck management team must move quickly to make a good hockey deal.

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