Head Coach Wanted: Vancouver Canucks

Okay so the news isn’t new, the Canucks are looking for a new head coach. The experiment with John Tortorella proved to be an epic failure so the question is, who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks.

The next coach needs to have a defensive mindset but he must be willing to allow the team to be creative on the attack. Torts was too defensive and too system oriented. Though I think some system needs to be added to this Canucks team, the players need to be able to make in game and in play adjustments.

Here are the traits I think a head coach needs to have.

  1. Class – The coach needs to be respected at all times.
  2. Control – Be in control, stern when needed. Do not allow the players to step out of line.
  3. Motivational – Be aware of the struggles of the players, learn the buttons that make a player tick. Kick them in the butt if they need it, but be prepared to pick them up when they can’t seem to pick themselves up.
  4. Creative – Do not be afraid to experiment. Make changes to the line up when things get stale and over a long season this is going to happen.
  5. Fun – The head coach needs to allow the players opportunities to enjoy the game and play loose. Can’t always be about the “business” of hockey.
  6. Intelligent – Good coaches need to be able to take the temperature of a game. When things aren’t working, come up with solutions. Do not be ridged in your believe and try the same thing over and over again.
  7. Pedigree – Coach much have some hockey background with some success as a player or a coach. The head coach must have extensive knowledge of the NHL and the players.
  8. Winner – Must have won a championship title in the NHL, AHL or another competitive league. Must have some success.

Who do you think best exemplifies these traits?
Dan Bylsma – Dan has an excellent record. Great hockey pedigree and acts with tremendous class. The question with Dan is, was his success a result of the Pittsburgh players or because of his talent as a coach?

Kirk Muller – Excellent hockey pedigree. Very classy and well liked around the league. Is Kirk available? Hard to say.

Doug Houda – Coming from the Boston organization Doug Houda has long been associated with the defensive style the Bruins play. With Benning being the General Manager Doug could be on his radar.

John Stevens – Assistant coach for the Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings. Great pedigree, respected and intelligent. He may be ready for another head coaching job.

Tough decision. I am not suggesting the Canucks will hire one of these men but I think these are the leading candidates.

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