What Return Can The Canucks Expect From Kesler Trade

The draft and free agency is quickly approaching and the Canucks have to make some decisions not the least of which is what to do with Ryan Kesler.

So it is apparent that the Canucks need to trade Kesler. There is no choice in my opinion the trade needs to happen so what can the Canucks expect to get in return for the veteran center?

Here are the positives that make Kesler attractive to other teams around the league.

He has some grit to his game
Tremendous speed
Excellent shot
Great penalty killer
Lots of heart – wants to win!
Playoff Success
Career high 41 goals in 2010-11
Career high 75 points in 2009-10
Good size 6′ 2″ 202lbs
Signed for 2 years at 5 million as season

In my opinion in 2010-11 Kesler demonstrated what kind of dominate player he can be in the series against Nashville where he was the main reason the Canucks won the series.

The Canucks should be looking for at least a roster player, a prospect and a first round pick in a trade.

I believe the return for Kesler will be at its highest point during this off season. Canucks have a history of making mistakes by not making a trade when the value is high… I hope they do not make a similar one here.

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